Dark Shadows: Shadows of Knight Book One
Series: Dark Shadows Trilogy, Book 1
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Scarlett Publishing
Length: 216 pages
When Australia artist, Rachel Day, receives a free vacation to Vancouver, British Columbia from a mysterious benefactor, it turns out to be anything but free, after a supposed stranger pushes her in front of CEO millionaire, Sebastian Knight’s car. Sebastian’s consuming obsessions draws Rachel into his world, one besieged by shadows and secrets. Together, they embark on a passionate love affair, until Rachel uncovers an anomalous secret from the past, linking them together, that almost destroys them.
About the Book

When Australian artist Rachel Day receives an email from a mysterious benefactor, with an enticing job offer that includes a free vacation, she soon finds out that it’s much more than she bargained for. Her first week, of playing tourist in Vancouver British Columbia, comes to a sudden end, when a stranger pushes her out in front of a car, owned by millionaire Sebastian Knight, CEO of Knight’s Enterprises.

When Rachel wakes up from a coma in the hospital, the tall, dark and dashingly handsome Sebastian Knight is at her bedside, offering to protect her. When she tells the police that she’d been deliberately pushed, her case becomes the subject of a police investigation to find the assailant.

After a threat is made against Rachel’s safety, Sebastian decides to take her away for the weekend. In the beautiful setting by the lake, their relationship quickly turns into a passionate holiday romance. Rachel is surprised to find herself, falling for the highly intimidating and sensually charismatic Mr Knight.

Unfortunately, not all goes well in paradise. When Sebastian’s overbearing obsession with her safety, threatens her independence, she suddenly realises she’s made a terrible mistake, in allowing herself to fall in love with him . . .

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