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I love Books. I love that moment when you open one and sink into it you can escape from the world, into a story that’s way more interesting than yours will ever be.


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M. E. Whiter lives in the beautiful Blue Mountains, near Sydney Australia with her husband and two small dogs, who think they are the boss of the house. She loves to write sexy romantic suspense novels, creating stories that are filled with mystery and intrigue and lots of steamy romance on the side.

Her writing stems from a love of learning and being creative which started from early childhood and has taken her life in many different directions over the years, including writing, psychology and art, to name just a few. She describes herself as being “part gypsy”, having travelled widely both around Australia and to various parts of the world.

There are many writers who “write what they know”, but she likes to twist it up a bit, by adding a little of her own personal story and sprinkling it through her storytelling to give it an added pinch of spice and authenticity. The teaser is: she’s is keepng her lips sealed about which bits are fact and which bits are pure fiction. Quote: “You’ll just have to use your own imagination to speculate on that one.”